Creating Workplaces That Work for Everyone

The following themes, ideas and recommendations were generated during the Leading Women Executives workshop, held on August 3rd, 2021, to address the topics of:

- Retaining and reengaging talent;
- Rebuilding culture; and
- Reskilling employees.

Guest speakers featured Mary Bilbrey, Global CHRO, JLL and 2019 CEO Perspectives Fellow; Carrie Blair, Executive Vice President & CHRO at Allstate; and Diane Earll, Senior Vice President, USG Corporation & President, Ceilings; 2020 CEO Perspectives Fellow and 2012 Leading Women Executives Fellow.

Repairing the Stress Fractures of 2020

On June 5th, 2019, CEO Perspectives held its Spring Event at Deloitte in Chicago, to focus on the fast-changing nature of work across sectors. The event featured: Keynote Speaker: Jeff Schwartz, Human Capital Principal, Global Human Capital Marketing, Eminence & Brand Leader, US Leader for the Future of Work, Deloitte; Panel Discussion Moderator, Deb DeHaas, Vice Chairman and National Managing Partner of the Center for Board Effectiveness, Deloitte; and Panelists: Jeff Schwartz, Jonas Prising, Chairman & CEO, ManPower Group, and Betsy Ziegler, CEO, 1871.
Technological advances and societal change have transformed how businesses operate, including their relationship with employees. Firms can develop new strategies and processes to take on key challenges — including growing a global workforce, managing (and maximizing the value of) human-machine collaboration, implementing reskilling, and harnessing teams and networks — as part of the evolution of workforce relationships.